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Staff & Music Teachers

Addison K.

Addison K. is a brass, piano, ukulele and vocal instructor. She has been playing French horn for 10 years, and is studying with some of the nation’s premiere classical and jazz horn players at Cornish College. She is currently principal horn with the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, assistant principal in the Seattle Philharmonic, and regularly plays with many other qualified ensembles. In addition, she’s also an excellent early childhood educator for our Rock N Roll, Rock City, and Kids N Keys classes.


Andy C. is a guitar, bass and piano instructor, also trained in vocals and French Horn. As an active musician and passionate performer, you'll find him practicing and performing with his rock band in his free time. Having studied both music and psychology at college and spent years of working therapeutically with kids with disabilities, Andy has a talent for figuring out how to best teach music according to a student's particular style.

Barney B.

Barney B. is an electric bass, guitar, piano and ukulele instructor. He’s been playing professionally since the age of 17, when bands with funky horn sections reigned supreme. He later moved to Seattle, where he earned his BA in musical composition and performance from Cornish College. He’s written for a myriad of musical acts, including salsa bands, gospel groups, jazz combos, chamber and full orchestras, and others. He’s also performed with an equally diverse list of groups, including performances with the Cascade Youth Orchestra.


Erica M. is a voice, ukulele and trumpet instructor. She is a versatile vocal coach and one of our early education teachers. She has been singing and performing her whole life—from choirs, chorales, and plays in elementary school through to university, to classical, jazz, funk, blues, and rock bands across Baton Rouge to Chicago and now Seattle. She is also a talented trumpet player with 25 years’ experience, including 11 years performing first chair in military-style marching bands and symphonic orchestras and 5 years touring with various bands.

Jason K.

Jason K. is a saxophone, clarinet and ukulele instructor. He has been playing saxophone for 12 years, and clarinet for 11. He earned his BA in classical performance at Virginia Commonwealth University, and has ample experience across many genres, from jazz and rock to funk and hip hop. He performs with his own band around Seattle with both saxophone and clarinet.

Joe F.

Joe F. is a guitar, drum, bass and piano instructor. He studied classical and pop composition at SCC, and from there attended The University of Houston to get his AA in education. A teacher of 14 years, he connects with students of all ages and multiple styles. Joe has years of experience in home and pro studios helping produce local music of all genres and also performs with his band around Seattle.

Michael K.

Michael K. is a strings, piano and voice instructor. His favorite instrument is the cello and he has played in string ensembles, chamber and symphonic orchestras as well as sung in choirs, musical theater productions, and other vocal ensembles from the age 9. He graduated from Northwest University's Contemporary Music Industry program and studied there as a teacher's assistant. He loves to compose and arrange music in his free time and is a whiz in ProTools recording software.

Michael T.

Michael T. is a drum set teacher from Nashville, Tennessee. Recently relocated in Seattle Michael has released two albums of original material under his own name and preformed with various groups while in Nashville. He has a knack for being able to adapt to any musical situation from playing jazz, big band, to rock.


Stuart is a Drum and Trumpet teacher who also has experience with piano, guitar, and ukulele. In the past he has led many ensembles including but not limited to rock bands, wind ensembles, and Jazz bands. He is a graduate of San Jose state University for jazz studies, and his musical interest ranges from traditional to electronic music.


Vicki is a vocal and piano teacher who is just getting back into private teaching after being the driving force behind bringing extra curricular music programs into multiple Lake Washington School District schools, which won her a number of local, state and national PTA awards. Vicki herself has been singing and performing since before she could read. She took eight years of private piano and vocal performance lessons and went into musical theater, also creating choreography for productions. Liked by kids of all ages, she has a special fondness for early education.

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

B2R Curriculum

  • A well-balanced music education consists of Music Theory, Technique and Repertoire.
  • Students learn faster playing music they like.
  • Simplified versions of modern songs allow students to see results more quickly.
  • Audio recordings of each simplified arrangement are available to students. This allows them to hear how their part should sound.
  • Lessons are catered to the needs of each student's learning style.